Sunday, February 10, 2008

Playing Dress-Up!

Frances and Cousin Maysa love dressing up. Here is a cute picture of the two of them. They only fight on who gets what shoes. The pink ones seem to be the favorite, even if they don't match the outfit.

Happy Birthday to Will

Will just turned 5. It seems like just yesterday he was born. Here are some pictures from the day. It was just us hanging out. His birthday party with his friends will be February 16th. Check out some of the cool gifts he got.

Frances and Will posing for the Camera; right before preschool.

A silly picture.

Firetruck legos from our friends Michelle, Rich and Charlotte.

Heelys from Papa Tim and Shelley.

Check out the Bumblebee (Transformer) cake!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ski Trip to Nubs Nob

We had a great trip skiing with the kids. We went with the Miller Family who live right down the road from us. The kids all got along great and they even brought their 12 year old niece with them. It was nice to have her babysit every once in a while. Will and Frances both went skiing. It was amazing to see Will hop off the lift and head right down the slopes. It made me a little nervous, but Lance was a good teacher. Frances went down two big hills and enjoyed the ski lifts. She called them the swings. Enjoy the pics.

Frances eating breakfast.

Will and Clea getting ready for the slopes.

Lance and Will posing for the camera.

This picture makes me laugh.

Just like an old pro!