Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Daddy's Birthday

Happy Birthday Daddy!
Today is our Daddy's birthday. We are going out for dinner
and then going to Grammy and Papa Harry's house for cake.
We were really good today Daddy, and we are taking good naps
so we can celebrate with you tonight.
We Love You!
Will & Frances
Hi Daddy!

Look at my sparkly teeth!

Mommy woke me up when she took this picture.

I am not tired!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday at Crooked Lake

It was a busy day for Will and Frances today. The day started with Will singing at the small red church upthe road from us. He did a great job and he seemed to be pretty proud of himself. At the end of the service, the kids had Tom's Donuts (a family favorite) and lemonade. Just
imagine the amount of energy after this sugar combination. Frances enjoyed entertaining everyone. The girl never stops.
Lance and Will continue to put together the playset. Pictures will be posted once it is finished.
Also, we had some friends stop by on their boat. Will enjoyed playing with Eric, Bodie, and Clea. Frances napped most of their visit, but she woke up just in time for the photo op.

Clea, Will, and Bodie cheesing for the camera.

Frances steals Bodie's juice box.

Don't you just love Frances in her diaper?

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Vacation Bible School / FunSpot

Yesterday was a big day for Will. He went to Vacation Bible School
from 9am to 3pm. Frances wanted to stay with him, but we had
to go. She went to FunSpot with Mommy, and had a good time
on all of the kiddee rides. She also had a flower painted on her arm
which she enjoyed looking at. The kids were worn out after a long
day of fun and excitement.

Frances decided she wanted to go to
VBS too.

Will is creating a bag for the scavenger hunt.

I think I like this ride; I'm not sure.

Riding the turtles with my friends Maggie and Molly!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Great Grandma and Grandpa Gilliland's House, June 2007

Will loves to ride this Big Red Tractor.

Frances, enjoying her first ride on a John Deer...Yea Haa!!!

A photo shoot right before we leave to go home.

We love you grandma and grandpa!

Our friends on Lane 345, Crooked Lake, June 2007

Frances and friend, Jake Nieman

Frances relaxing with Nancy Baker

Will and Frances love to hang out with the Baker's.

Friends and Florida 2007

We enjoyed the beach and pool with the Cates', Stock's, and Tubergen's.
The weather could have cooperated a little more, but
we still had a great time. Check us out!

We were not cooperating for this picture!

Maddie and Reagan Tubergen having fun in the sand.

Kennedy Cates is showing us how flexible she is. Pretty impressive.

Maggie Stock and Kennedy are enjoying the hot tub. Aren't you guys supposed to be 10 years old to sit in this?

Will's bud Kennedy and his Godparents Brad and Holly.

I had sooo much fun on my trip to Disney World in May.
I missed Frances, but she had a great time staying
with GiGi. Thank you Papa Tim and Shelley for the
fun vacation. I love you.

It's a Small World with Papa Tim, Shelley, and Mommy.

Papa and Shelley bought me a sword!! Cool!

Breakfast with June (from Little Einsteins)


Having fun at Papa Tim and Shelley's house.

Will was having a great time driving his car at Disney World.