Saturday, December 29, 2007

Having fun with the family at Christmas.

We had several Christmas' with the kids this past week. They received so many toys and clothes. I think both of them were a little overwhelmed. Will was not feeling the best and had a fever on Christmas Day but he managed to stay upbeat. Here are some pictures from the Holaday family Christmas party.

Will and Aunt Tamie.

Aunt Julie and Gigi

Will and his new Spiderman Web Blaster!

Frances all dressed up and ready to go shopping.

Pajama Time!!!

Frances' 2nd Birthday and Baptism

Well, it was a busy day here for Frances. Her birthday party started at 3pm and then we headed to church for her Baptism. She got lots of fun gifts. Let's just say, she did not have as much fun at the Baptism. As you can see from the pictures, she was not very cooperative. Piece of advice, don't Baptize your child at the age of 2. The rest of the family watching the ceremony seemed to have a good time laughing at us.

Frances is helping feed cousin Derek.

It's my birthday!

Jason, Julie and Will.

Frances is losing steam!

Beau and Kim - her godparents.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Blizzard at Crooked Lake

For those of you who don't live in Indiana, look how much snow we got last Sunday. A whopping 14 inches here at Crooked Lake. Let's just say our snowblower was not big enough for this job. Lance and Papa Tim spent most of the morning shoveling snow. The kids had a blast playing in it and sledding.

Our sidewalk.

Will and Frances getting ready to go outside.

Sledding down the road.


Will having fun jumping in the snowpiles!

The Great American Clydesdales

We had our first trip to see the Clydesdale Farm out in Orland. What beautiful horses and what a beautiful place. All of the horses were out in the field and they came right up to us when we went to the fence. We can't wait to go back.

Will and Frances posing for a pic.

Will showing us how big the horses were.

Papa Tim and Will take a break from watching a movie.

A Visit From Papa Tim and Shelley

Papa Tim and Shelley came for the weekend to celebrate Frances' second birthday. The kids haven't seen them for six months. They were so excited. Frances received the Geo Trax Grand Central Station train set that Will loves. They have had a great time playing with it this past week.
Frances getting clean before they arrived to town.

She decided she would be funny and not get out of the tub. She is laying in there with no water.

Papa Tim enjoying his visit with the kids.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Good Times in Arizona

We all had a great time over Thanksgiving. The entire Krebs family flew out to Arizona for a week full of fun. The kids really enjoyed seeing their Aunt Mickey, Uncle Kain, and new baby cousin Nigel. Frances sang him a song everyday and it goes like this - Baby Nigel, Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap. For those of you who were once cheerleaders, I'm sure you remember this tune. Brad Cates used to sing this song to Frances when she was a baby, and she loved it; I'm sure Nigel loves it too! Here are some new pics of the kids:

Nigel posing for the camera!

Caitlin, Will, and Jay piled up on Uncle Kain. He loves it!

Maysa and Will had a fun time hangin out!

Frances, well she was Frances!

I love the nuddy picture! She had so much fun in the water!