Friday, August 31, 2007

Canoeing on Crooked Lake

The lake has been closed to motorboats this past week. The Krebs family borrowed the neighbor's canoe and paddled across the lake. We had a great time.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Meet Ellis Cates

These are two of our favorite friends, Kennedy and Ellis Cates. We went to Indy this past weekend to visit them and had a great time. Kennedy is very proud to be a big sister.

Kennedy, the proud big sister.

Ellis snoozed most of the weekend.

Isn't Kennedy so cute?

Waiting for the Storm to End

We are ready to leave for Indianapolis to meet our new friend, Ellis Cates. The thunderstorm kept us at home for a few more hours. We hopped in the car as soon as the storm ended and headed down for the weekend. The kids enjoyed watching movies in the car.
Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Frances just learning how to use the movie headphones.

Will is always into his movie.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cabin Fever

The kids have been indoors quite a bit this past week due to all of the rain. We took some time out this morning, after the storm, to ride the hotwheels and play on the playset. Look how muggy it is!!!

Frances not interested in peddling.

Will is the king of hotwheel riding.

Bumper Cars!

Papa Harry and Frances

Papa Harry came over for dinner on Monday evening; Frances was glued to his hip the entire night.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Playset is Finished !!!!!! Yeah!!!!

Will and Frances love their new playset. Thank you Daddy, Papa Krebs, and Uncle Bret for putting it all together. It looks great.

Will waving from the slide!


Frances makes all of us nervous on these steps!


A Night Out with the Gruners

We had a fun evening with the Gruner family. We went out for dinner at the mexican restaurant down the road and then they came over for some playtime on our new playset. The kids had a good time, although Mason was not quite sure what to think of the Krebs Kids. They were a little wild. Thanks for a great evening Scott, Angie, and Mason.

Will, Mason, and Frances posing for the camera.

Playtime at the Michael's House

We had a great time with the Michael Family and Stock Family yesterday morning. We went to the Michael's house at around 10:00 am and played for a couple of hours. Eight kids in all; they got along pretty well. Check out the pictures.
Grace showing off her arm strength. WOW

Grace, Frances, Maggie, and Belle taking turns on the slide.

Will had to get in the picture.

Griffin is a wild man!!!

Great upside down trick Parker!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fun Day at FunSpot

Today our good friend, Kris, took Will, Frances, and I to FunSpot for the day. We had so much fun riding the rides, checking out the animals at the zoo, and eating lunch. At the zoo, the macaw was very entertaining with his dancing and chatter. The lions seemed to be very tired. A deer came up to Will and licked his hand, yuk! Will rode a few more bigger rides this time and he really seemed to enjoy the House of Glass. The kids were also introduced to dippin dots. Frances was in heaven eating these. Check out her dress.

Will, Kris, and Frances on the carousel.

Wheeeee! They loved the swings.

Will decided he wanted dippin dots after he ate his ice cream cone.

These things are great and I am not sharing.

Fun In The Sun

We had a fun day on the lake hanging out with our neighbor friends and our cousin, Maysa. We swam, played in the sandbox, played on our new playset, and last but not least, went out for ice cream. Scoops was very good. We were exhausted and slept very well.

Frances, Ava, and Will just finished eating a cookie. Yum!

Relaxing and enjoying popsicles.

Most if Frances' popsicle ended up on her bathing suit.

Will reaches his favorite part; the blue part of the popsicle.

Maysa looks as though she may fall asleep.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Playing with the Stock Girls

Will and Frances had a fun day with Maggie, Molly, and Caroline. Will and Maggie played most of the time in the lake, out on the neighbors raft. Thanks Niemans for all of your fun water toys. Frances and Molly played most of the time in the sandbox, but did end up in the water for a little while. Molly has a few battle wounds from Frances. Sorry for all of the scratches Molly. Overall the kids played really well together and Melyssa and I got to enjoy a couple glasses of wine.
Frances and Molly having a snack.

Will, Maggie, and Molly pose for a picture in the sandbox.

Caroline really is the best baby!

Maggie hullahooping the floating ring!

Will and Maggie; Buds since birth!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Will's Swim Lesson

Will had a great swim lesson with Lauren, who is also his babysitter, today at the YMCA. He was swimming underwater and dogpaddling with no assistance. Frances was cheering him on. He made us very proud.

Will and Lauren - They really are buds!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Puddle Party

With all of the rain last night and this morning, there were lots of puddles on Lane 345 Crooked Lake. Will, Frances, and Maysa went for a walk down the lane and to their surprise, there was a huge puddle in the neighbor's yard. Before we new it, Frances was sitting in the puddle. It was down hill from their; everyone was soaked, so we (MariJo and Amy) decided just to let them play. They had a blast!

Frances thinks she is swimming in the lake!

Look at me! Frances just took a big gulp of water. Yuk!

Maysa pulling Will through the puddle. She's a strong little girl!

Oops!; I forgot to rotate the picture. Just tilt your head to the left!

Will's First Date with Maddie Tubergen

Friday, August 3rd, was Will's first date with Maddie Tubergen. Of course they were chaperoned by their mothers. We all went to Casa Grill for dinner and then to see Beauty and the Beast. The kids really enjoyed the evening.

Maddie was playing hard to get and was not interested
in Will putting his arm around her.

A photo right before we went in to see the Musical.

Beauty and the Beast was at the Civic Theatre in Ft. Wayne.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Derek Missing his Daddy, our Uncle Jay

We could see that Cousin Derek was missing his Daddy, so we thought he would like to say hi on our blogsite.

Hi Daddy! Mommy and I miss you!

My Aunt Amy and cousins, Will and Frances, are so cool.

Can't you see how excited I am?

Will and Frances loving on Julie; or at least Will is.

I loved my few minutes with my Great Uncle Bret.

Aunt Julie and Cousin Derek

We had a great morning with Aunt Julie and Cousin Derek. It has been 2 1/2 months since we have seen them. Derek has gotten so big, and he is so good. Will and Frances adored him. We were able to spend a few hours with them and then they had to leave for Indianapolis. We will miss you Julie and Derek. Tell Uncle Jay we say hey.

Will was so excited he got to hold Derek.

Frances was trying to feed Derek a Cheerio.

Frances could not stand Mama holding Derek, so she hopped in her lap too!

Will was by Derek's side the entire visit.