Saturday, September 29, 2007

Yeah, It's Uncle Jay, Baby Derek, and Aunt Julie

We had a great visit with Uncle Jay, Aunt Julie, and Baby Derek. The weather was perfect. The kids played outside, we all went for a boatride, and we ended it with an evening cookout. As Jason kept putting it, what a great day.
Jason and Will pose after a few minutes of soccer.

Julie and Derek hangin out by the playset. It was Derek's first time on the swing.

Derek wasn't too sure about the boatride. Of course, Will was in his face the entire time.

Jason, is your son gay? Nice pink hat.

A typical boatride with Will and Frances. They really do love each other.

A Visit from Holly, Kennedy, and Ellis

We had a short, but nice visit from our friends Holly, Kennedy, and Ellis. They came in town Thursday evening and stayed until after lunch on Friday. Will had preschool on Friday, and Frances and Kennedy participated in a music class at the library while Holly went to visit her aunt on Lake James. The kids had a good time. Here are a few photos from playing Friday afternoon. No new pics of Ellis. Wasn't prepared with my camera.

Will and Kennedy playing nicely in the sandbox right after their timeouts.

Frances playing nicely right after she was in trouble from pinching Kennedy.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Afternoon Tubing and Boat Ride

It was a chilly Sunday afternoon but Will insisted it was warm enough to go tubing. Sooo, Lance and I took the kids out for a boat ride. The lake was nice and smooth and Will had a great time on his new tube. Frances was the spotter while Mommy tried to lay down and take a nap, yeah right. Daddy was a great driver.

Frances - The Spotter!

Will thinks he is king of the water; OH YEAH!

Dinner with The Stock and Michael Family

We had a great time at the Stock's last Saturday Night. The kids watched The Highschool Musical and as you can see they had a great time singing and dancing with the movie; or at least Griffin and the girls did. Will is still learning the words and I am not sure where Parker was at this time. Check out the pics.

Get down girls!

Grance, Will, and Molly watching Finding Nemo!

Maggie and Belle Rock On!

Trip to Lima, OH

Will, Frances, and I took a trip to Lima, OH last week to see our friends, The Nieman Family. The kids had a great time with everyone and Will, of course, did not want to leave.

Frances and Jake Nieman after lunch at Ruby Tuesday.

Look how much fun Will is having!

Jake and Frances winding down for the evening with Baby Einstein.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Cabin Fever

Once again, we have had cabin fever this past week. The mosquitos and bees have been horrible, and so we have been doing a lot of indoor activities. Today we went outside for a little while. We took a walk and the kids rode some of their riding toys. Frances is doing well driving the jeep. In this photo, she just finished talking on the walkie talkie. Look how serious she is. Will just finished asking us if he could play bumper cars with Frances. What do you think the answer was?

She took her paci out of her mouth to talk on the walkie talkie.

Please can I play bumper cars with Frances?

Music Together

This was the first week for the fall Music Together class. Frances was a little timid at first, but seemed to enjoy it towards the end of the class. Molly and Caroline Stock are also in the class. This is a great picture; too bad this is not how Frances generally is to Molly.

Wasn't that a great class Frances? Yeah it was Molly!

Tub Time

Will and Frances enjoyed playing with their cousin, Maysa. Bath time got a little wild, but water always seems to clean up. They also enjoyed running around in their animal towels. This is Frances' favorite part of the evening.

How dirty do you think this water is? Frances stills pees in the tub, yuk!!!

Will makes a huge splash!

Say cheese!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Labor Day Weekend - Sunday

On Sunday, the Stocks, Tubergens, and Harmons came over for some fun in the sun. The lake was still closed to motorized boats, but the kids had a blast on the floating tube and riding in the canoe. We have missed the boat rides, but this was a nice change of pace, relaxing. Frances was sick most of the weekend, so she missed out on a lot of the outdoor activities.
Maggie, Maddie, Quin, Will, Tayor, and Molly playing on the floating tube.

More jumping!

Caroline enjoyed hanging out with all of the adults. Next year, toots!

Labor Day Weekend - Saturday Night

We had a fun evening with the Nieman Family at the Captain's Cabin. Frances and her little friend, Jake, had fun with the babysitter, Lauren. After dinner, the kids played on the playset for a while. The mosquitos were awful.

Will, Ava, Alexa, and Alexa enjoying dinner.

The car ride home!

Will and Ava having fun on the slide.

Frances and Ava. Everyone loves Ava!