Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring Break in North Carolina

We took a road trip to North Carolina to see Uncle Jay, Aunt Julie, and Cousin Derek. The 10 hour drive was a piece of cake for the Krebs' Family. Will and Frances had a ball in NC. The weather was good and they played outside most of the trip. We hadn't seen the outdoors for a while. Here are a few pics.

Dinner in downtown Asheville! We ate outside!

Family photo of the Gilliland family!

Every Friday evening in downtown Asheville, there are a group of people who play the drums. The music was great and as you can see, Will was having a great time. He started break dancing and here is one of his moves! We all were laughing pretty hard.

Will, Frances, and Derek going for a wagon ride behind the tractor. Derek is actually laying in Will's lap.

Just like a picture from the Cracker Barrel!

Happy Easter!

Here are a couple of Easter day pictures. Look how sweet and innocent they look!

New Easter PJs!

Getting ready for church!